• Though both Hal Reed and Kent Burnside were both raised in separate areas of Mississippi, both of their journeys have somehow brought them together in the state of Iowa.

  • Blues harpist, singer, and educator, Hal Reed currently lives in Davenport, IA, but he was born just a few miles from the Mississippi Delta and grew up surrounded by legends of blues music. His playing brims with the stamp of authenticity, having a triple-fisted influence of Mississippi, Gospel, and Chicago style blues pumping through his heart.

  • His first exposure to blues music was when he heard his grandfather Lucious Smith play—a southern folk-blues artist who taught Reed insightful glimpses into early 20th century African-American music culture. Also passing down generational natural talent was his father, James T. Reed, and his grandmother, who was a devout member of the local Pentecostal Church, and his uncle, the great Lester "Big Daddy" Kinsey. 

  • Kent Burnside, now living in Des Moines, IA, was also hereditarily born into the blues. Though he was born in Memphis, TN, Kent Burnside was raised in Mississippi with a horde of musical influences. Kent is the grandson of legendary blues man R. L. Burnside, who began teaching him to play guitar when he was just 9-years-old.

  • It is his genetic drive to pursue music and continue his family line of great musicians, not only because of his grandfather’s influences, but Kent is also the nephew of blues musicians Duwayne and Dan Burnside, and the cousin of blues performer Cedric Burnside.  Kent learned from the masters.

  • It’s a perfect partnership. These two bluesmen are passionate about the history of their art form and striving to keep the blues alive by sharing their vast musical roots, while also adding their own version of the family blues form.

  • Before passing, R.L. and gave Kent a piece of important advice: “You gotta take a groove and just keep on driving it ‘til you come up with your own style.” And that’s exactly what Generations of Blues is attaining to do.

Kent Burnside and Hal Reed


Kent Burnside and Hal Reed



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